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Besides the Oversight (elders and deacon), we have a middle level of leaders who play the executive role of different ministries in the assembly. Our conviction is that the oversight’s primary task is to pray and to pastor the church. They deal with “people, policies & problems.” The assembly leaders (as we call the middle level) are to see to the running of the various ministries of the church. Each ministry is headed by a coordinator.

Treasurer (Fun Mun Yan)

Church Administrator (Celine Liew)

Sunday School (Fung Soo Lai)
Elim Youth (Cheong Yew Weng)
Young Working Adults (Dr. Yeoh Kok Ming)
Ladies Fellowship (Mrs. Josephine Ho)
JOY Club – Just Old Youth (Cheam Tong Kan)
Building Maintenance Committee (Chan Wai Kheong)
Library (Leong Seng Hoi)
Orang Asli Ministry (Chun Sam Tuck)
1 Adult Care Group & 1 Adult Bible Study Group


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